If you use music to entertain

If you use music in your Bar or Restaurant to entertain your customers, you are likely subject to Music Performance Rights Royalties.  …but not always!

ASCAP, BMI & SESAC are the three largest US “Performance Rights Organizations” (PROs). The PROs will issue licenses to you providing access to the music you might want to use in your business, making it much easier for you to not have to go to each music publisher and get permission yourself.

We are a one stop PRO shop

ASCAP, BMI & SESAC each have slightly different criteria for when you do and when you don’t need a PRO license.  The W G Slantz Company will decipher that for you.  We will be your one stop shop!  For as little as $35 we will begin the process of helping you determine if you need a PRO license.  If so, will you need all three?  If so, which license is best for my business.  How much they will cost and how much can I save?

We also know your business may change the way you use music, we will help you monitor that and if it changes, we will make the necessary changes with the PROs for you.

Don’t double-dip or overpay

Many businesses end up for various reasons taking more license than they need and end up paying too much.  The W G Slantz Company will certify you have the appropriate license(s) for your business and not more than you need.  We want to help you minimize this expense.

Reasonable Cost

Our goal is to represent you effectively at a reasonable cost. Naturally, if you have any questions concerning our services, please contact us immediately.